Evangelion Merchandise – Avoid Buying Anything Contained in the Anime

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Over the past few years, Evangelion merchandise has grown to become a popular phenomenon, with fans numbering in the millions. While most die-hard Evangelion fans have a personal favorite, there are many others that simply can\’t get enough of Evangelion. For these people, there is no better outlet than the Evangelion Official Store, where they can purchase all of the Evangelion clothing and merchandise that they could ever need.

Evangelion Merchandise - Avoid Buying Anything Contained in the Anime
Evangelion Merchandise – Avoid Buying Anything Contained in the Anime


With the release of Evangelion 3.5 “New Eva” last summer, Eva became even more popular than ever before. While it was not exactly a revolution, it was a huge improvement on what Evangelion fans had watched over the previous two seasons. With the release of “New Eva” came a number of new movies, cartoons, and video games as well. The Evangelion Store was the obvious solution to the growing popularity of Evangelion.


The first thing that anyone interested in Evangelion merchandise needs to do is find an Evangelion store in their area – preferably one which carries the show itself. It would be wise to purchase a few products, and then see which ones stand out to you the most. Some of the merchandises that you can purchase include action figures, posters, jewelry, and even apparel. You are sure to find something that interests you. The show itself will keep you interested for many episodes to come.


One of the most popular things that you can buy are Evangelion: Complete Season Sets. These sets contain everything that you need to satisfy your Evangelion fan dreams. Each set contains one Evangelion movie, one Evangelion OVA, and three to four episodes of Evangelion television show. Some of these episodes have been fan favorites for a long time, so they are generally well-regarded.


Some Evangelion fans may not be familiar with the show at all. There are actually stores available that specialize in Evangelion merchandise for people who are not familiar with it. These items are not necessarily limited to Evangelion figures or clothing. You can find anything from coffee mugs with Evangelion art to key chains with Evangelion artwork.


Of course, not everyone has fond memories of Evangelion. Some are unfamiliar with the show at all. This is fine. No one has to feel left out by Evangelion merchandise for the sake of having no experience with the show. There are still plenty of opportunities to find interesting Eva stuff. All it takes is a little searching.


As mentioned before, the best place to shop for Evangelion merchandise is online. There are plenty of websites online that sell Evangelion goods. Take a moment and look through some of these. Even if you don\’t like what you see right away, be patient – these websites usually have lots of great stuff. And you can buy according to your budget – Evangelion fans will definitely love the prices they offer.


If you\’re a diehard fan, then you might want to consider collecting Evangelion collectibles. This is a good way to show your affection for the series. It\’s not always easy to find Evangelion collectibles – the show\’s popularity means that the merchandise available is extremely limited. But if you know where to look, you\’ll find some great bargains!


When shopping for Evangelion merchandise online, it\’s important to remember that there\’s a lot of fan art and movie posters floating around as well. Make sure you check them out. In particular, fan art from the Visual Novels and the movies is something that tends to sell really well. If you have some Evangelion art in mind, make sure you look for some Evangelion movies and visual novels to match it! Not all of the merchandise available is licensed – but that doesn\’t mean it won\’t be cool.


One thing that Evangelion fans should definitely avoid buying is anything related to the show. There are so many people out there selling merchandise based on the show that it\’s bound to get sold – and there\’s no reason to buy it. Save your money for your own Evangelion items!


Another thing that Evangelion merchandises shouldn\’t be endorsed by the show. It\’s been established as a source of controversy for the show since the show started – and if you buy merchandise that has the potential to cause offense, you\’re not doing yourself any favours. That said, there are some excellent products out there that show off the show\’s potential. If you do your research, you should be able to find something that fits with your tastes and your budget. If you can\’t find anything suitable, just keep looking!


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