5 best PewDiePie’s Minecraft videos of all time

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is the biggest individual content creator on YouTube. In June 2019, PewDiePie posted his first MinecraftLet’s Play video, which turned into a long humorous series that is highly entertaining to watch.

PewDiePie’s Minecraft series was a huge success. He even started a hardcore series, where he only has one life. So if he dies, he won’t be able to respawn back into his world. Throughout his series, fans have experienced hilarious Minecraft gameplay. This article dives into PewDiePie’s best Minecraft videos.

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Best PewDiePie’s Minecraft videos of all time

5) PewDiePie’s first Minecraft video

PewDiePie’s first Minecraft gameplay video is totally worth mentioning in this list. This video is what brought Minecraft back to its peak on YouTube. As of right now, it has over 48 million views.

In this video, Pewds showed his “veteran” knowledge and began his journey into the survival world of Minecraft. He found diamonds, murdered a villager, got killed by an iron golem, and built a starter house around a birch tree, which went down in history as the tree of life.

4) PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye build the inverted pyramid

Once upon a time, Felix and Jack had the fantastic idea to play Minecraft together. In their survival world, they did lots of fun stuff like pranking each other, getting dogs, stealing baby llamas, and so on. But building the inverted pyramid is definitely one of the greatest things they did together in Minecraft.

PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye took over a taiga village and built an inverted pyramid. This served as their Minecraft base. They also made the nether portal inside the inverted pyramid.

3) PewDiePie and CinnamonToastKen play skyblock

In skyblock, players only have a small dirt island surrounded by nothing but air. This island only has one tree and a chest with an ice block and lava bucket.

PewDiePie and Ken spent almost all of their time finding what to do with the lava bucket and ice. After trying several things, they finally made a cobblestone generator and obtained cobblestones to reach the desert island.

2) PeePeePooPoo pushes PewDiePie into the end portal

PewDiePie named his pet pig “PeePeePooPoo.” Who knew his beloved pig would betray and push him into the end portal. In episode 29, titled “Married in Minecraft Epicly,” PewDiePie went to the ender portal along with his pet pig.

While Pewds was busy thinking, PeePeePooPoo nudged him into the portal, which led to an epic battle against the ender dragon.

1) Killing the ender dragon in hardcore

PewDiePie has been preparing for his fight against the ender dragon for a long time. However, unlike his regular survival world, Pewds only has one life and chance to beat the ender dragon.

Considering all of this, he came prepared with slow-falling potions, a water bucket, powerful enchanted weapons, and armor. After a memorable battle, Pewds won the fight and defeated the ender dragon in hardcore.

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